Who are we?

A professional Web site takes more than solid coding. The Image Net team is more than a group of "computer geeks". Our team is diverse, in both their interests and talents. Image Net consists of graphic artists, business owners, computer programmers, musicians, network administrators, writers, photographers and entrepreneurs.

This diverse group of talents and interests insures that the Web sites developed by Image Net are well rounded, fully functional, interactive, profitable, and effective. There is a harmony to the architecture that surrounds the raw code, and the artist’s touch gives the site a pleasing aesthetic.

Image Net offers a unique collaboration of talent and experience for your Web development.

Juli Land Principal,

Juli, the founder of Image Net, has experience in graphic design and layout of traditional print media going back to the mid-1980’s. Recognizing the tremendous impact the Internet would have on businesses, in 1996 she turned the focus of Image Net from traditional graphic design to Web-related services. She is currently instrumental in the development and design of our clients’ Web sites using all applicable design software.

Preston Marx Vice- President, General Counsel

Preston acts as Vice President and General Counsel for Image Net.  After seven years of project coordination, Preston has migrated from active management of Image Net.  He now oversees its legal department and reviews its contractual obligations.  Preston also maintains a busy civil litigation practice.   Education: J.D., B.A.  Member, California Bar and Louisiana Bar.


Our GRAPHIC DESIGNERS make your Web site attractive and user-friendly.  A variety of programs and technologies are integrated to create visually enticing applications.

Sara Wilcox – Digital Artist / Web Designer

Sara is a talented artist specializing in traditional painting and illustration. She has spent the last couple of years developing her abilities in digital media – with a special emphasis on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Her mastery of color and form brings life to all of our digital artwork. Education: B.A. in Fine Art.

Cory Podelski – Digital Artist / Web Designer

An extraordinarily talented designer, Cory ads beauty and elegance to the sites created by Image Net. A multimedia artist and designer, she uses her mastery of Photoshop, and Illustrator and Premiere to design creative web sites.  Education: B.A. Art and Global Studies

Carl Bloomfield - 
Administrative Assistant

Carl comes to Image Net from the music industry. He combines his knowledge of Photoshop and Dreamweaver with his sense of aesthetics to help create an outstanding professional product. Carl's enthusiasm and unique set of abilities brings a fresh perspective to our team.

Our INTERNET PROGRAMMERS do things "behind the scenes" to make your WebPages functional.  A variety of languages and technologies are integrated to create an Internet business applications.  Our programmers are proficient in:

  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

  • Relational databases using ODBC

  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming

  • JavaScript

  • VBScript

  • Visual Basic (VB)

  • Active Server Pages (ASP)

  • C++

  • Microsoft Component Object Model (COM)

  • InterDev

Heidi Bautista – Computer Programming

Heidi comes to Image Net with 15 years of programming experience. Heidi's primary focus is the creation and manipulation of databases and the development of web applications. In addition, she is proficient in HTML and Flash technology. Her excellent programming skills are an excellent addition to the Image Net team.  Education: B.S., Chemical Engineering



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